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my lovely readers,,
I have moved

Week One


Ok so here is week one is gone..
there are 13 more weeks left.

I lost in this week only 1 Kg which is normal to my body, yet disappointing comparing to his results, He lost 3 kg's! so i senced something fishy... thats alot and he has been eating alot too, lots of sugars, breads, and fat...

The detective in me started to think, wink and blink ... just to find out that he is taking amino acid pills and fiber pills... which makes sences for his weight loss. That made the competition even harder and tougher, because i cannot have any kind or pills not even fibers (accept the vitamins i'm having) that means all my vitamin and calcium sources are natural. This makes this competition not only a weight loss competition , now it has become a way to prove that i can motivate my metabolizm and lose the same amount or more (i hope) kilo's than he does without any supplements.

At the end i want him as a looser to win the prize, or we will be both winners and travel together. I prefer him losing...So help me god!

Last week i had lots of fibers, fruits and water. I had all kinds of fruits which will be stopped this comming week. I also had the plan that i can't eat anything after 6-7pm, also no sugars accept on cheeting days which today was one of them.

Next week:
  • i hope my headache and health shows abit of improvements so i can go back to the gym, if not.. i have no other choice than swimming at least.
  • sleep at 11, rise at 6 (i miss those sleeping times so badly)
  • No ice cream or jello
  • mango's, banana's and dates are off the list
  • and i'll go back to a gralic aday.
  • apples and papayas are back in
  • Carbs are excluded from breakfasts...
So basicly ... it will be 60% of the daily intake is fibers and fruits... and the other 30% will be protiens and the rest water. ... protiens should increase gradually till it reaches 25% of each meal and the other 75% is fruits and vege's.

...I want to win...
and i want this freakin headache to leave my head away.

_ a Flat tummy is my goal, a healthy mind is my aim, and a strong women is my target._

Day 1


OK so today is day one of this competition..
and Mr.lovely guy already started to tease me and be naughty...

its getting tough already... the competition is getting savage :P

  • Today meals were ok for a start, lots of vegies and fruits and protien
  • i had no carbs whats so ever during the day ..only whole grain for breakfast which will be soon cut to a better carb.
  • My week long headache is still on
  • Water intake increased to triple what i used to take
  • work out: didn't do any ..else than normal indoor moving around and planting
  • tomorrow though i should head the gym for 2 hours triathelon programme workout.
  • Snak was late today , around 6... * * *
Over all today wasn't bad at all ... no sweet craving, no chocolates (thank god) and no carbs ( i never craved carbs) and lots of protiens...
  • The bet goes this way , who loses pays the winner 3000KD's "hell i don't want to pay a dime, i want to have them , greedy me :) "
  • If we both won, we'll go on a 3 day trip to my lovely friend in italy ( i miss you :* )
  • Who gets health complications_which is me _will be out of the compitition right away and loses, which means, has to pay.
  • End date is august 13th...
  • If more than 20 kilos where shed, and were able to be the fit me again, we will register in triathelon :) " i should motivate me and him"


_ a Flat tummy is my goal, a healthy mind is my aim, and a strong women is my target._

Three months Bet!


Now for the coming 3 months this blog wont be spreading advices more than personal experiences and daily journal of th wieght loss programme...

Now i am 91 Kg and i should be 71 with in 3 months... actually i should lose more...

.........Today we reached this deal,
Since he is the murderer and i am the victom for his actions..
We both gained some good kilos and got our belly's take a step befor us.

So My bro. decided that we bet on 3.000 KD's "thousand" if we lost 20 kilos within the coming 3 months.. and who ever get sick or lose will pay the other 3 grands...
hell 3000 i would get a new car and start a business...

so the plan is
1- no dinner after 7
2- lots of water
3- carbs only on breakfast which will be as in cereals only
4- lots of vege's and fruits
5- 3-4 times a week work outs for at least 1:30 hours
6- no canned food else than tuna
7- sushi is allowed
8- no sweets whats so ever.

thats it for today...
tomorrow will be day one

please god please please please don't let me faint, i beg you.

_ a Flat tummy is my goal, a healthy mind is my aim, and a strong women is my target._

Believe in your self


I have designed plenty of weight loss diets in the past 2 weeks but today I'll put them all on hold and give you guys a break from being focused on what your eating and the life style your living.

I would love you all, my dearest weight loss boot campers to stop for sometime, for a few days or for a whole week and think…

Think of the reasons you are doing those different diets, think of your aim from losing all that weight and having a better body. And believe in your self.

One of the most important thing to lose those fats around your waist and around your thigh and stopping you from walking and living the life you dreamed of , is to believe in your self and in your goals. If you don’t believe in them you will be another diet prisoner what they call _a yoyo dieter_ one day you'll lose some weight and once you stop watching your self you gain it once again and doubled.

You don’t want to be a yoyo dieter, do you? Think about it plenty, take a piece of paper and write down your goals and aim from losing this weight, and stick it next to your bed. Read it over and over even thou you know it well…read it with laud voice and high. Then you'll be one of the ambitious people who lost all the excess fat and stayed lean till the rest of their life and they built a healthy generation too.

How do I know that? You might ask, because I was one of them. I lost 25 kilograms of my body weight and fat then I stopped and got fed up and tired, I didn't know what I was working hard for , I started to lose the feeling of losing any more weight and I was ok with being able to wear from the normal sizes (dress size). Yet I wasn’t happy or satisfied with the body I have of the fitness level I reached, I wanted more… I kept trying a diet after the other which made my skin get tired and my metabolism go slow.

I don't want that for you …neither my self... so one day I grabbed a pencil and wrote down the reasons to be healthy and fit, I wanted to be able to wear a swim suit proudly and tuck my shirt in my jeans and be a diva, but this is not all that I want.. I wanted to be healthy, with a healthy heart and alert mind to be able to build and be someone's model.

Write down what you want from a healthy body, add a picture of your self in a swimsuit and put it next to your pillow, believe in your self and remember you are not alone.

Here I am having many more kilos to lose and I am here with you holding your hands and pushing US to lose all those fats, annoying fats. I really do want to be a good mother one day, a healthy one who would be able to play with her kids and take long runs along the beach, I do want to be a good wife were weight would never be an issue in my marriage life, I want to be able to please him and show him the good in me, inside out. And after 20 years from now I want to still be the active healthy kid in the family and never make my parent get scared on my health or worry… encourage your self with similar words, believe in your self because no one will ever makes you believe in you unless you do it first.

There is a hero inside of you and I can see it…so why keep it inside? Show it up, show us your strength.

_ a Flat tummy is my goal, a healthy mind is my aim, and a strong women is my target._

Emotional Eater?


When mood affect your food, its time to .. lay your back.. rest.. and think,

What is missing in your food..?

Recent studies proved that emotional eater lack essential fatty acids from their daily meals. mood swings, sugar craving and sleepy heads after meals are all caused from the lack of omega-3.

having 2 spoons daily of flaxseed powder to your food will give you the essential fatty acits your body requires and by that it will shrink your appitite and helps your brain concentrate on your life instead on your food and cravings.

Asta la vesta.

_ a Flat tummy is my goal, a healthy mind is my aim and a strong body is my target._

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